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Our Services

Codice have built a strong reputation as a leading provider of information management consultancy services across a diverse industry range. Codice continues to deliver successful project outcomes and ongoing consultancy services to a variety of clients ranging from not-for-profits, to Government departments of up to 1,500 eDRMS seats in one central office or across widely dispersed geographic locations, to an international mining corporation with all documents and records managed off-site in Australia.

At Codice, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and remain independent of ECM and EDRMS providers to help you to select and develop a solution that meets your organisation’s unique information management needs.

In our experience, successful and cost-effective EDRMS and ECM systems are underpinned by a solid information management framework including policies, procedures, staff responsibilities and training. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing an effective information management framework that forms the foundation for a successful system implementation.



A good information management strategy is crucial to the success of any organisation’s information management. This aligns the practices needed to meet the requirements of the information management framework. The strategy outlines your planned approach to meet current and future regulatory and organisational needs. It is your plan for improvement and growth - a must for successful management of your corporate memory. Codice will work with your organisation to design a strong and functional strategy based on world best practice. We then couple this with internal buy-in to help you achieve tangible business benefits.

IM Frameworks

An Information Management Framework ties the business needs and legal requirements of the organisation together in a practical way. Supported by the strategy, the framework covers the policies, procedures, standards and guidelines implemented by the organisation to create a consistent and effective way of managing information. This information is the lifeblood of an organisation as it is fundamental to guiding present and future decision-making, accurately conducting business processes and ultimately must be made available to the right person at the right time. Using our knowledge and understanding of information management and usage, Codice will work with you to design a framework that works for you.

Systems Acquisition, Implementation & Support

At Codice we have worked with a variety of systems and can confidently find the best fit for your needs. We offer a full range of services from recommendation, tender development, evaluation, testing, configuration, implementation, training and post-implementation evaluation. Giving you the confidence, earned through full transparency and an unbiased approach, to move forward knowing your corporate memory is being management in a world class system.

Outsourced Information Management Services

Efficient and compliant information management empowers an organisation, allowing it to establish a commercial and competitive edge, deliver improved customer service, maintain employee productivity and morale, and mitigate business risk. At Codice, we pride ourselves on our consistent ability to provide world best practice solutions for a variety of business structures and situations. This experience makes Codice the ideal option for outsourcing your information management services.

Codice believes that to best support our clients, we must be highly proficient and flexible in delivering services across all aspects of the information management spectrum. This allows you to be confident of a tailored solution that meets your needs and delivers a capability which allows your organisation to outperform its competition.


Staff knowledge and confidence are critical to getting the best use of any system. We provide a range of training options from commercial courses and fully tailored, onsite packages. Our qualified trainers are information management specialists so you get the most up-to-date information combined with our extensive practical experience. Through knowledge transfer and change management we achieve high levels of staff uptake and effective use of your chosen system.

Physical Filing And Storage Solutions

Codice understands that today’s businesses are run with a combination of electronic and paper data. With this in mind we can help with your physical filing systems and provide storage solutions. We have found Formfile to be superior for functionality and optimal use of space. We also have relationships with secure, offsite storage companies.

Codice can provide:

Strategic information management planning, review, and analysis:

  • information management practice and process review and reporting;
  • information and records audits;
  • business case development;
  • project management;
  • change management plans, and
  • staff skills audits (including training needs analysis).

Information management services including:

  • development of business classification schemes (BCS), thesauri and retention and disposal schedules (RDS);
  • development and implementation of records management policies and procedures, including records disposal programs; and
  • disaster preparation and recovery plans.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) / Electronic document and records management system (eDRMS):

  • business needs analysis;
  • business case development;
  • specification development;
  • tender evaluation, including system testing and selection;
  • front end system configuration; and
  • end user training.

Face to face and on-line training development and delivery covering information management topics including:

  • designing and implementing information management systems and processes;
  • marketing information management services;
  • information governance and security;
  • disaster preparedness and management;
  • records and information management frameworks;
  • information privacy;
  • business classification schemes development and use;
  • thesauri development and use;
  • retention and disposal schedules developing and implementing; and
  • ECM / eDRMS end user training.

Review of physical file systems and supply of Formfile stationery

  • filing procedures;
  • stationery including file covers, labels, file clips, wire support racks, shelving and file cabinets.

Codice can also provide information management resources or adhoc advice to help your organisation address skills shortages in these areas. Contact us today to find out more.