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Our Clients

Our Clients

Codice have built a strong reputation as a leading provider of information management services across a diverse industry range, across multiple countries and spanning most states within Australia. We have extensive experience in assisting public and private organisations of all sizes to harness the power of their information and meet legislative requirements through the application of best practice information management principles.

Our strength lies in our experience and the collaborative approach we take with our clients to ensure a customised and business focused outcome that adds immediate value and ensures maximum organisational acceptance.

We are proud of an extensive and international customer base that consists of a high level of repeat business and new business achieved through referrals. Working with our clients we have undertaken a broad range of engagements, ranging from large scale Enterprise Content Management (ECM) implementations to developing Information Management strategies and frameworks.

Details of the industry sectors we have worked in and details of some of our client engagements can be found below – these provide just a sample of our capabilities. In some instances, our clients have been motivated through the need to comply with relevant legislation. Others are driven by the productivity gains achieved through more effectively managing their information.

Of course, Codice would be pleased to speak with you further and together determine an information management solution that can take your business to where you want to go.

  • Agriculture
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Federal Government & Statutory Authorities
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Local Government – Councils & Corporations
  • Mining
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government Owned Corporations
  • Petroleum
  • State Government & Statutory Authorities
  • Superannuation
  • Transport

Global information management services

Following major civil unrest, the corporate information belonging to an international resources corporation were scattered across the world. Codice has overseen the reconstitution of this information and continues to manage the information across multiple countries and multiple formats, including selecting, developing, and implementing an ECM solution, staff training, conducting regular assessments, and managing a large archive of multimedia material of organisational and cultural importance.

Reviewing for compliance

Codice was engaged to conduct a full Document and Records Management Review against recordkeeping legislative requirements for a Government agency. Findings and key recommendations were then incorporated into Strategic and Operational Implementation Plans, with Codice responsible for program managing the implementation of these plans. Our recommendations included centralisation of offsite storage which resulted in significant cost savings to the organisation, a full review of software for recordkeeping compliance, review and update of the agency’s Business Classification Scheme, and development and implementation of a governance framework including training. With the introduction of new information privacy legislation, Codice was also responsible for an undertaking a program of activities to ensure the agency’s compliance. This included building staff awareness and support, undertaking an assessment of private information currently maintained by the agency, identifying records containing private information, developing a Privacy Policy and a Privacy Plan in conjunction with information management initiatives, and training staff in the appropriate management of private information.

System selection and implementation support

Upon commencing work initially with this government entity in 2004, Codice conducted a full recordkeeping assessment to measure compliance with relevant legislation and information standards. From this assessment we subsequently developed Strategic Recordkeeping Implementation and Operational Recordkeeping Implementation Plans and assisted our client to:

  • Develop the specification and evaluate the tenders for the Corporation’s Electronic Document & Records Management System (eDRMS)
  • Configure and manage the pilot of the selected eDRMS
  • Develop and implement the change management plan for the introduction of the eDRMS
  • Develop and maintain the business classification scheme, policies and procedures and disposal authority
  • Develop and facilitate eDRMS and recordkeeping training for all staff
  • Codice continue to provide ongoing information management advisory and consultancy support for the Corporation and its eDRMS on an as-required basis.

Information management framework to meet business needs

Codice were engaged by Public Authority to update its existing Business Classification Scheme (BCS) to ensure it met business and compliance requirements. The main areas of concern were identified as lack of compliance with legislation and information standards and a reduction in productivity due to a BCS that didn’t reflect current business needs. Codice conducted workshops and interviews with Authority staff and redeveloped their BCS, including addition of a third (subject) level to support corporate compliance with relevant legislation, including retention and disposal standards.

Quick wins from outsourcing

A number of our clients were battling to develop an information management framework with inadequate internal resources. Upon engaging Codice, we were quickly able to conduct a review of what had been developed to date and following a gap analysis, complete the framework; allowing the organisation to get on with their business as usual activities.

Business case for IM system implementation

This financial institution’s internally built document management systems were outdated and no longer meeting best practice or business requirements. Codice were engaged to prepare a business case to replace the existing document management applications and successfully conducted a Request for Proposal (RFP), including proof of concept that resulted in Board approval of an ECM solution in just over two months. Codice were then further engaged to project manage and provide expert information management, change management and training services to ensure the smooth implementation of the ECM solution.